Floating licenses users and coronavirus temporary licenses

Dear Loyal RE:Vision Effects Customers,

We received requests from several of our clients who are expanding their work-at-home program. We understand that this creates an issue for sites with floating licenses. The problem identified is for those who cannot create a VPN for their users to access the floating license server.

1. Every floating licenses client on the current major version of any of our software is immediately eligible for free emergency licensing – temporary conversion for a 2 month activation license (1:1 with your floating license count).  We will see how things go in two months. We can change the end date on our side. This offer applies to floating license users of DEFlicker V1, DE:Noise V3, FieldsKit V3, RSMB V6, RE:Fill V2, RE:Flex V5, RE:Grade V1, RE:Lens V2, RE:Match V2, RE:Map V3, SmoothKit V3, Twixtor V7, Video Gogh V3 and Effections V20. [Still running an old version? Jump to section 3 of this document.]

2. Please provide the license file you currently use. You can speed up the implementation at our end, by sending us this information so we can avoid mistakes and streamline this process. Please communicate with sales@revisionfx.com. Activation licenses require Internet access to activate, https://wyday.com (the company maintaining the Activation license server) must be whitelisted. An activation license can be deactivated and reactivated on another machine. 3.  If you are using floating licenses and are not at the current version (e.g. you bought RSMB V4 nine years ago), we can only provide Activation licenses to users of the latest version. Your projects with the new version would likely not work with the previous versions (not backwards compatible). This will not only make you eligible to temporary Activation keys, but provide a solution if you still use your in-house render farm remotely with your floating licenses, and in the future when things get back to normal, this guarantees a safe way to reintegrate your environment correctly with compatible projects. Remember with our latest version, the same license works in all hosts we support. The RE:Vision Team