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Version 2.1.2 | August 2, 2004

  • Fixed a crashing bug when multiple RSMB nodes are present and DF's simultaneous branching is on.
  • Fixed a bug that causes DF to hang upon exit on multiprocessor machines when a RSMB node is present.

Version 2.1.1 | June 30, 2004

  • Fixed crashing bug.
  • The Motion Sensitivity setting is now more continous in determining how far pixels are tracked (in previous versions, the motion sensitivity only changed in discreet jumps).

Version 2.1 | February 9, 2004

  • Multiprocessor support and other speed enhancements.
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur is now more motion sensitive. This means that the value of 100 for motion sensitivity can now "see farther." As such, the default motion sensitivity is now 70 (roughly the same as a value of 100 was for the previous version of ReelSmart Motion Blur). Your previous projects may need to be adjusted accordingly.