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ReelSmart Motion Blur®

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Applies natural-looking motion blur by automatically tracking every pixel.

Computer Arts Magazine gives ReelSmart Motion Blur a 5-star review and calls it "a brilliant plug-in which should be in every user's toolbox."

Computer Arts Magazine says ReelSmart Motion Blur "lives up to and surpasses expectations, so we're giving it a Best Buy recommendation."

ReelSmart Motion Blur Features

Fast and easy motion blur!

Applies motion blur based on automatic tracking of every pixel.

Essential for 3D

Ability to blur with motion vectors supplied by your 3D system.

Pro version also available

RSMB Pro also available. See Fusion Studio page for details.

Learn how to use ReelSmart Motion Blur’s features

Instructional videos, and example videos, that help you learn how to get the most of each plug-in's robust features.