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Version 3.3.5 | February 4, 2010

  • This version no longer checks for floating licenses upon startup of Fusion, but only when a RSMB node is used within Fusion.

Version 3.3.4 | November 6, 2009

  • Adds the ability to set and environment variable RVL_SERVER to specify the floating license server (instead of searching for a settings file on disk) when retrieving floating licenses.

Version 3.3.3 | July 14, 2008

  • Added Fusion 64-bit support.
  • Added RE:Vision Effects' floating license support. NOTE: eyeon's serial numbers for use with their floating license mechanism is no longer supported in the 64-bit version of Fusion.

Version 3.3.2 | April 13, 2007

  • Fixed a bug where spline animations were not properly restored. However, if you delete a published spline point, then it will show up the next time you load a comp. We are working on a true fix.
  • Fixed a bug where editing splines when plugin is in PassThrough mode causes splines to be edited and keyframes placed at the wrong time.

Version 3.3.1 | April 2, 2007

  • Ability to publish spline control vertices (and, thus, the ability to tie to Fusion's tracking points, polyline paths, other published points, etc.).

Version 3.2.5 | November 8, 2006

  • Fixed a bug where RSMB could cause Fusion to hang while rendering.

Version 3.2.4 | June 30, 2006

  • Added spline-guidance support for Fusion 5.01 and later.

Version 3.2.3 | June 12, 2006

  • Fixed a problem where the plugin could cause Fusion to crash or hang (particularly when the image cache filled up). Fix affects both full and Render Slave versions of Fusion.

Version 3.2.2 | March 2, 2006

  • Fixed a problem that caused zero motion blur when using an alternate tracking source.
  • Fixed a bug where GUI licenses were not always properly recognized.

Version 3.2.1 | December 20, 2005

  • Fixed a bug where floating point pixels were improperly clamped to be between 0 and 1 when 'Images are PreMultiplied" was NOT checked.

Version 3.2 | December 2, 2005

  • Floating point support added.
  • Fusion 5 support added.
  • ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) 3.2 has the more precise tracking that we introduced earlier this year. As such, the results you get may be somewhat different than with previous versions of RSMB.
  • Converted our plugin that blurs images with supplied motion vectors into a native DF plugin (this is the only way true floating point support is available).

Version 3.0 | March 1, 2005

  • Added our After Effects-compatible plugin that blurs images with supplied motion vectors. See manual for details.