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Version 3.0.1 | August 24, 2004

  • Fixed a hanging problem when exiting Avid systems on dual processor Windows machines.
  • Fixed a licensing problem for some users on Macintosh OS X systems.

Version 3.0 | February 9, 2004

  • Adds Twixtor 3.0 regular features. Please read the new manual for a feel of what's new.
  • Fixes a bug that could lead to incorrect results on interlaced footage.
  • Multiprocessor support added.
  • Mac OS X support added.
  • Twixtor is now more motion sensitive. This means that the value of 100 for motion sensitivity can now "see farther." As such, the default motion sensitivity for Twixtor 3.0 is 70 (roughly the same as a value of 100 was for Twixtor 1.3).
  • Older projects not compatible with this version!