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Version 4.6.6 | February 4, 2010

  • This version no longer checks for floating licenses upon startup of Fusion, but only when a Twixtor node is used within Fusion.

Version 4.6.5 | November 6, 2009

  • Adds the ability to set and environment variable RVL_SERVER to specify the floating license server (instead of searching for a settings file on disk) when retrieving floating licenses.

Version 4.6.4 | October 22, 2008

  • Fixed a bug where certain display modes caused Fusion to exit when running in render-only mode.

Version 4.6.3 | July 14, 2008

  • Added Fusion 64-bit support.
  • Added RE:Vision Effects' floating license support. NOTE: eyeon's serial numbers for use with their floating license mechanism is no longer supported in the 64-bit version of Fusion.
  • Fixed a bug where the retiming did not properly work if the original sequence being retimed did not start at frame 0.

Version 4.6.2 | April 12, 2007

  • Fixed a bug where spline animations were not properly restored. However, if you delete a published spline point, then it will show up the next time you load a comp. We are working on a true fix.

Version 4.6.1 | April 2, 2007

  • Ability to publish spline control vertices (and, thus, the ability to tie to Fusion's tracking points, polyline paths, other published points, etc.).
  • Added a "Forward with No Smart Blend" Warping mode, see manual for details.
  • Fixed crashing bug when Speed% slider was published in Twixtor.

Version 4.5.2 | June 29, 2006

  • Add spline-guidance support in Fusion 5.01 and later.

Version 4.5.1 | June 13, 2006

  • Fixed a problem where the plugin could cause Fusion to crash or hang (particularly when the image cache filled up). Fix affects both full and Render Slave versions of Fusion.

Version 4.5 | January 12, 2006

  • Introduced new tracking
  • Motion blur parameter renamed Motion Blur Compensation because it now controls the removal of motion blur as well as the addition of motion blur. This parameter now defaults to 0 instead of 0.5.
  • Regrouped the parameters so that they are divided into Input, Track and Output parameter groupings.
  • Ability to mark segments of your source material so that Twixtor does not interpolate inappropriately across cuts, dissolves and other transition.
  • Motion vector export and import. For use in 16 bits-per-channel processing applications only.
  • Of course, new features were added to Twixtor 4.5. For info on what is new in version 4 see the manual that comes with the installer.
  • Because we've added so many new options in version 4.5, and completely changed the tracking:
  • You'll see that we've renamed the plugin, and that it will show up in the applications as "Twixtor 4.5." Old projects using Twixtor will not automatically translate to the new version (in fact, they will use the previous version).