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Version 4.5.3 | May 29, 2007

  • Added native Intel support for Macintosh.

Version 4.5.2 | July 21, 2006

  • Added support for latest Mac releases (Media Composer 2.5 or later and Xpress Pro 5.5 or later).

Version 4.5 | September 27, 2005

  • Completely rewritten motion estimation engine. Twixtor is much more accurate, tracks objects farther, and exhibits fewer artifacts when there are objects crossing in the scene.
  • Contains an option to remove motion blur when slowing footage.
  • Layered Motion checkbox has been eliminated because the new tracking takes crossing objects into account by defaultt.
  • Option to automatically enhance dark imagery or imagery with poorly defined edges. In many cases, footage that was difficult to track becomes much more well-behaved upon retiming.
  • Now compatible with the Mac version of Xpress Pro 4.8 and other recent Avid releases for Mac that support AVX 1.5.
  • Because we've added new options in version 4.5:
  • You'll see that we've renamed the Twixtor plugins as Twixtor 4. The new plugin will show up in the applications as "Twixtor 4." That way, your old projects will still run and load using the previous version of the two plugins (that way you don't have to worry about the new tracking in the new version screwing up older projects).