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RE:Vision unveils Motion Paint (sm) a revolutionary new approach to filmmaking.

San Francisco: The Motion Paint (sm) system featured in the Painted World sequence of PolyGram?s film What Dreams May Come, starring Robin Williams, showcases a visual complexity never seen before on film. A seamless and immersive painted reality is created by transforming the original photography using Motion Paint technology. No other computer graphics system currently exists to produce the imagery featured in this visually stunning film.

Motion Paint is breakthrough technology for use in the field of motion pictures and visual effects, which greatly expands the visual vocabulary available to filmmakers by transforming live action images into painterly sequences. Motion Paint maintains a production?s design by combining film elements (live action, 2D and 3D animation, matte paintings) into a consistent, integrated visual style. The Motion Paint system uses state-of-the-art computer technology that vastly reduces the need for motion control rigs and the associated set up, planning and expense. This technology not only leads to incredible savings in shooting schedules, but frees the director to work more spontaneously.

The Motion Paint system and services are available exclusively from RE:Vision, a San Francisco-based company founded by Pierre Jasmin and Peter Litwinowicz.

Motion Paint is a service mark of Pierre Jasmin and Peter Litwinowicz.