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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases its Video Gogh? 1.0.1 QuickTime Effect

San Francisco.

RE:Vision Effects, a visual effects software company based in San Francisco, CA, announces the Video Gogh QuickTime Effect. The Video Gogh QuickTime Effect transforms pictures and video into painted works of art. Video Gogh is different other than other painterly filters on the market because Video Gogh actually tracks objects in movies for an unparalleled smooth result.

This QuickTime effect brings the power of Video Gogh technology to any application that supports Apple?s QuickTime Effects. This list includes Premiere 5.1a (Adobe), Final Cut Pro (Apple), EditDV and RotoDV (Digital Origin), Media Cleaner (Terran), Commotion (Puffin Designs) and VideoShop (Strata), among many others.

The Video Gogh QuickTime Effect is available on the Internet at and costs just $29.95. This first release is only available for Macintosh computers. The Video Gogh QuickTime Effect comes bundled with the Video Gogh stand-alone application. Previous owners of the Video Gogh stand-alone application can upgrade for $9.95.