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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. revamps entire product line.

RE:Vision Effects has recently revamped its entire After Effects plugins product line.

What’s new in all products:

* All of our After Effects plug-in products worked just fine when testing them in Discreet’s combustion. However, after saving a project and re-opening it, some of our plug-ins crashed, and others didn’t render properly. This has been fixed for ALL products. The upgrades work in combustion v. 1.011.
* All of our After Effects plug-in products have been updated to work in Premiere 6.0 (via their After Effects plug-in support).

In particular, the following products have specific bug fixes:

Video Gogh, version 2.5

* 20 to 30 % faster (depends on brush size)

ReelSmart Motion Blur, version 1.8.1

* No longer crashes when the “Get Motion From” source and output resolutions are different.

ReelSmart Twixtor, version 1.3

* Fixed a bug that caused Combustion on Windows to crash when Twixtor parameters were animated.
* Premiere 6.0 tutorials can now be found in the Tech Support section of our website

ReelSmart Shade/Shape, version 1.2

* Fixed a bug that cause Projective environment mapping to crash.

All upgrades are free. All products are available for both Macintosh and Windows. Demo software and purchasing details are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,