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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. announces Mac OS X support for all of it’s plugins; ReelSmart FieldsKit updated.

RE:Vision Effects are the makers of the popular plugins ReelSmart Twixtor, ReelSmart Motion Blur, ReelSmart FieldsKit, Shade/Shape, Video Gogh and RE:Flex.

* RE:Vision Effects is pleased to announce that all of their After Effects plugins are supported under Mac OS X, which means that all of their products will now work on Mac OS X in After Effects 5.5, Final Cut Pro 3.0, Combustion 2.0 and Commotion 4.1.
* Furthermore, ReelSmart FieldsKit has been updated to support images with 16 bits per channel, which will work in 16 bits in both After Effects 5.0 and later and Combustion 2.0.

All updates are free to prior customers. Demo versions of all RE:Vision Effects plugsin are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,