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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases version 2.0 of RE:Flex, a morphing and warping plugin set for After Effects 5.0 and later.

RE:Flex brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to After Effects! RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses After Effects’ own drawing and masking tools to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface.

With RE:Flex 2.0, RE:Vision Effects introduces the first morphing program that combines hand feature-matching with automatic image registration. After aligning the hand matched shapes, RE:Flex uses the tracking found in RE:Vision’s acclaimed Twixtor product to automatically align the non-handmatched parts of the image.

New features of RE:Flex 2.0:

* Auto alignment. After using hand matched shapes, RE:Flex uses the tracking found in Twixtor to align the non-hand matched parts of the image.
* Vertex matching for finer control during warping and morphing.
* Variable dissolve rates are available PER-SHAPE.
* Variable rates of shape inbetweening are available PER-SHAPE.
* A “smart blend” feature to blend between images when one image tears away from the edges during the morph. Previously users had to hold the edges of image in place to avoid fading areas during the morph.
* Addition of the RE:Flex Motion Morph plugin, so that morphing between 2 sequences is a snap.

RE:Flex is available for both Macintosh and Windows.

Through August 3, 2002 RE:Flex will be priced at $495.00. After August 3, 2002 RE:Flex will be priced at $595.00.

Demo software, tutorials, example movies and purchasing details are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,