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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro version 3.0 for Digital Fusion.

RE:Vision Effects releases ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro version 3.0, a major upgrade to the popular Digital Fusion plugin set. ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion.

RSMB Pro for Digital Fusion supports 8 and 16 bits-per-channel processing and takes full advantage of multiprocessor machines. RSMB Pro supports foreground and background separation using a specified mask. RSMB Pro then uses proprietary filling and tracking techniques when working on the background layer, even when it is obscured by the foreground.

New features and compatibility of RSMB Pro 3.0:

* Motion blur can be applied using motion vectors from an external source, e.g., motion vectors from a 3D system.
* Requires Digital Fusion 4.04e or later, 16 bpc processing and the Digital Fusion After Effects adapter.


* ReelSmart Motion Blur Pro 3.0 interactive license is priced at $189.95.
* Upgrades from pre-v3.0 RSMB Pro Digital plugin full licenses to version 3.0 are $55.00.
* Render-only licenses are priced at $44.99. Render-only upgrades from version 2 are free (in fact, RSMB 2.0 render-only keys will install the RSMB 3.0 render-only version). Please note that render-only licenses will only render Digital Fusion projects written on a machine by a valid fully-licensed version of RSMB. Even though render license upgrades from version 2 are free, note that the render-only licenses will only render projects using the vector-input plugin if the project was saved with on a machine with a valid full RSMB version 3 license.
* Contact for volume quotes.

ReelSmart Motion Blur version 2.1.2 is still available for those who do not need the extra functionality of version 3.0. Pricing for a full license of version 2.1.2 is $134.95; a render-only license is $44.99.

ReelSmart Motion Blur continues to be available for Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Apple Final Cut Pro, Discreet combustion, Pinnacle Systems Commotion, Boris Red, Avid Systems, Discreet Systems, Shake, and Quantel’s generation Q.

Demo material and software, along with pricing and exact compatibility for all versions of RSMB are available at

ReelSmart is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. All other references to trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.