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RE:Vision Effects releases ReelSmart Motion Blur for Softimage|XSI.

RE:Vision Effects releases ReelSmart Motion Blur for SOFTIMAGE�|XSI� animation software. ReelSmart Motion Blur (RSMB) automatically tracks every pixel in a sequence and blurs based on calculated motion. RSMB is fully integrated with your 3D scene, so it also works from Motion Vectors generated by shaders and user-supplied points (for example, tracker positions). RSMB gives XSI artists an extremely fast, intelligent 2D motion blur for 3D renders, dramatically speeding up the rendering pipeline.

RSMB supports 8 and 16 bits-per-channel and floating-point processing and takes full advantage of multiprocessor machines.


* Works in the FXTree in SOFTIMAGE|XSI v4 and v4.2.
* Cheaper render-only licenses for render farms. Render-only licenses can be used with xsibatch if you saved your project on a machine with a full RSMB license.
* Support of alternate inputs allowing you to motion blur a sequence with the tracked motion of another sequence for interesting effects.
* Animatable motion blur amount, including the ability to remove motion blur.
* Ability to use 3D points from your scene to guide the tracking; either to enhance the motion estimation or as a mean to create without any image tracking at all.
* Includes RE:Vision new motion estimation foundation as seen in Twixtor 4.5.
* Completely compatible with La Maison Motion Vectors Toolkit.


* ReelSmart Motion Blur for SOFTIMAGE|XSI is priced at $189.95.
* Render-Only $44.95.
* Contact for volume quotes.

ReelSmart Motion Blur continues to be available for Apple Shake and Final Cut Pro, Avid Editing Systems, Discreet Systems and Combustion, Eyeon Digital Fusion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Quantel systems and others.

Demo material and software, along with pricing and exact compatibility for all versions of RSMB are available at

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