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Twixtor 8 Beta Now Available

RE:Vision Effects is opening the Twixtor v8 beta cycle with an implementation of our new Machine-Learning algorithm. Of course, Twixtor already worked great on most shots, but click here to check out our playlist that demonstrates the improvements v8 makes on hard to retime shots. It’s already getting rave reviews, so you’ll definitely want to test drive our v8 right away!

“This is amazing progress quality-wise for Twixtor. Very nice how it treats reflecting lights moving across a car quite smoothly and even tracks the semi-transparent headlight flares. Testing a clip with heavy overlapping motion today, and again I must say its impressive improvements from the old Twixtor method even when that is set to its best quality. Did I mention this new Twixtor is crazy good… ”  Robert Kjettrup, Senior Motion Designer, Troika Films

Twixtor v8 is a game-changer! No more stressing about frame rates – just focus on capturing great moments and Twixtor will handle the slow-motion magic.

Shoot or Render how it makes sense today: AI Machine Learning (ML) is changing the game for slow-motion. In the past, to guarantee great slow-motion we recommended shooting tons of footage at higher frame rates. This generated compromises such as:  shooting lower resolution, or needing faster SD cards, or to record to an external disk, or add higher-capacity disks, or having more noise in video as needing to shoot using very fast shutter speed. Net is it wasn’t always practical, sometimes requiring editing workarounds or complicated manual tweaks with Twixtor Pro.

Here’s the magic: On fast action material you could still get wobbles, gloopiness or some ugliness/ghosting on a few frames here and there, particularly from lower frame rate media. Now, with its algorithm implemented as a machine learning model, Twixtor v8’s “deep neural network” has learned to eliminate these artifacts.

What does this mean?: Before Twixtor v8, we’d recommend cranking up frame rates for best slow-motion results. Now, the focus is on capturing the best possible quality footage, and Twixtor will use its powerful ML model to create smooth, high-quality slow-motion even from fast action video shot at regular frame rates.

We work where you work: Twixtor runs directly in your favorite Editing/Compositing/VFX app. No intermediate renders to disk, no bit depth reduction. Twixtor maintains all the precision of your source material, all on premise. For facilities with multiple computers, it supports distributed rendering. Tweak finely in context without racking up a cloud processing bill. Twixtor works fine on pretty much any computer, but a good GPU helps a lot. Twixtor supports AMD, nVidia, Intel and Apple chips.

Try Twixtor v8 today! Download here:  Works with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, Assimilate Scratch, Left Angle Autograph, Sony Catalyst Edit, FxHome HitFilm, Inria Natron, Blackmagic Resolve, Magix Vegas Pro, Filmlight Baselight, HS-Art Diamant and Dustbuster+, Autodesk Flame, Blackmagic Fusion Studio, Nucoda, Foundry Nuke, and BorisFX Silhouette. Twixtor v8 for FCP/Motion, Media Composer and Twixtor Pro to come in Q2.

Upgrade info: Effections bundles purchased after March 1, 2023 have been automatically upgraded behind the scenes, no need to download new installers, same with Twixor licenses purchased after February 1, 2024. Users with an existing Twixtor license (any version) are eligible to buy the upgrade to v8 ($82.49 for the regular upgrade).

About RE:Vision Effects: RE:Vision Effects is a software development company focused on providing innovative software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet, and visual effects industries. The company supplies its cutting-edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, live event videographers, corporate creatives providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, episodic TV and big-budget films. The founders received an Academy Award for Technical Achievement and an Engineering Emmy Award for their software.

Demo material, tutorials, examples and software are available at

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