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The next generation of creative tools for Motion Design, Visual Effects and Mass Custom Video Production.

Autograph Features

Integrated 2D-3D

Import and create 3D environments, animation and assets. Use Pixar industry standard USD format natively (no conversion). Benefit from Physically-Based Rendering right inside your comp. Use your comp as a texture map on a 3D object.

Motion Graphics

Each composition can be modified in real time. Easily render in different formats instancing a single project file without duplication. Autograph provides a set of tools that allow you to build responsive design compositions.

Compositing and VFX

Comes with many CPU/GPU optimized video processing effects. Keyframes are not the only way to animate parameters in Autograph. Each parameter can be linked to another or used by one of the many available modifiers. Modifiers apply transformations to any data sources.

Feature Specs

Physically Based Renderer

Comes with Filament, a state-of-the art physically-based renderer. Also supports Hydra Storm for 3D collaboration consistence.

File format support

Full support of OpenEXR, multi-channels AOV, Photoshop layers, SVG (with animation), ProRes, mp4, h264/h265...


Support for OpenFX plug-ins and Shadetoy integration. Build your own tool, expose parameters in a packaged file for deployment.

2d and Planar Tracking

Every VFX project needs tracking and stabilization. Autograph provides a solid 2D tracker with different models ranging from simple location to affine and perspective, as well as a fast planar tracker


OpenColorIO for color management. Both the ACES 1.3 and default built-in OCIO configurations ensure a state of the art imaging workflow.


Cloud service with collaborative review platform. Player, versioning and data storage (100 GBs disk), and you get 5 users license per Autograph license. Create as many links for external reviewers as you want. STUDIO version only.


A composition can display front-end control parameters and be packed in one file, allowing you to create tools, generators, or encapsulated custom stack of effects with their own UI.

Easily Link External Data

Separate graphic and editorial tasks by easily linking your external data directly into your projects. Map CSV columns to user-created parameters for graphics automation tasks.

Links and Constraints

A convenient connection system between parameters allows you to create complex relations and share any given group of elements, all without writing a single line of code


Animate massive amount of elements. Scattering, grids layout, per instance modifiers.


The use of both the CPU and GPU makes it possible to work on large-scale projects, all with incredible responsiveness when setting up projects.

Animate Anything

Animators offer over 45 predefined interpolation types. Same graph curve editing for 2D and 3D graphics. You don't have to be a 3D modeling expert to use 3D in Autograph.


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Autograph v1_March2023 for Autograph | Last Updated March 22, 2023 Release Notes

There are no packages available.

What You Get

A full version of the plug-in. Images will be watermarked if you have not purchased a license and registration key.

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GPU Support


System Requirements

The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of Autograph that you are using.



When you download a Autograph or purchase a Autograph license for Autograph it is compatible with the following: