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Shade/Shape automatically turns your 2D artwork into 3D rendered imagery! S/S is now unlocked when you buy RE:Fill.

DV Magazine calls Shade/Shade "the new king of the 'beveled' hill."

DV Magazine

Shade/Shape is "easy to use, creative with good control and produces truly great 3-D type. At $89 it is a great deal."

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Ken Stone

Shade/Shape Features

Give your 2D artwork more punch!

Automatically 3D shades your 2D text, logos and pictures by using the outline and features of the artwork to give it volume and depth.

Enhance your character animation

Animated 2D characters really stand out when Shade/Shape is applied!

Be creative!

Develop cool effects and abstract transitions. Add natural 3D shading effect to your existing image sequences.

Feature Specs

Automatic depth and volume

Shade/Shape automatically generates 3D shading for your 2D graphical and picture elements using our shading-from-shape technology.

Metallic looks

Add depth, shading and metallic luster to your titles and logos!

Glass looks

Create glassy objects by reflecting the background sequence THROUGH your object!

Support for 3D surface normals

Shade/Shape also comes with a plugin, that uses the shading techniques in Shade/Shape to shade the normals produced by a 3D system or even Shade/Shape itself.

Bump and environment mapping

Add further detailing by applying reflection and bump maps.

Fine tune the shaping

Stable and smooth-over-time shading produced for moving imagery. As 2D elements merge and split in a sequence, Shade/Shape automatically merges and splits the geometry in an intuitve fashion!

Learn how to use Shade/Shape’s features

Instructional videos, and example videos, that help you learn how to get the most of each plug-in's robust features.


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