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The ultimate blurring filter set that combines user directed controls and feature sensitive methods.

SmoothKit Features

More options

SmoothKit is a set of blur and sharpen filters that complements and extends the features of basic blurs and sharpens usually provided.

Retain features

Blur without over-softening important features and edges. Emphasis is on precise control with no compromise on image quality.

Better sharpening

SmoothKit sharpens with much less ringing, using a proprietary sharpening algorithm.

Feature Specs

Preserve Edges

Soften areas while preserving sharp edges.

Choose what to process

Selectively filter the luminance, or the chrominance, or each of the RGB channels independently.


Sharpen plugin with a proprietary technique that significantly reduces usual sharpening ringing artifacts.

Reduce staircasing

Includes a jaggie-reducing filter, to help eliminate staircasing.

Better median filter

Get much less blocky results with SmoothKit's median filter.

Compound blur

Optional grayscale images may be used to modify blur size on a pixel-by-pixel basis.

Splines to control blur direction

Ability to use splines to control the direction of the blur at each pixel.

Blur using provided directions

Directional filtering with per-pixel direction and strength controls.

Block artifacts

Intelligently reduces block artifacts in MPEG or other compressed footage.

Temporal filter

Multi-frame (temporal) filtering with several useful processing modes.

Depth of field

Z-blur uses depth maps for blurring control. Ability to change where the focal point should be.

Learn how to use SmoothKit’s features

Instructional videos, and example videos, that help you learn how to get the most of each plug-in's robust features.


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