How La Maison’s Mental Ray plugin works with RE:Vision Effects plugins

La Maison has graciously provided a free Mental Ray shader that can be used to output vectors for RE:Vision Effects plugins. The shader was initially developed for XSI as an output shader but it has also been used with Maya and 3D Studio Max. You can
download the free shader here.

Normalize, Max Displace, and Target Values

There is a mappping between the “Normalize” setting in the La Maison vector shader and the MaxDisplace setting in any of the RE:Vision Effects products. The Normalize setting in the La Maison vector shader maps to the Max Displace value for all RE:Vision Effects products. Adjusting the Normalize setting also results in adjustments to the Max Displace Value.

Normalize and Max Displace Mapping in lm_2DMV V1.3
  • a value of 0 for Normalize translates to a value of 16 for our ‘MaxDisplace’ value.
  • a value of 1 for Normalize transltes to a value of 32 for our ‘MaxDisplace’ value.
  • 2 –> 64, 3 –> 128, 4 –>256, 5 –> 512, 6 –> 1024, 7 –> 2048, 8 –> 4096
  • Do NOT use a value less than 0 or greater than 8.
Normalize and Max Displace Mapping in lm_2DMV V2.0

a value of 1000 is a 1000

Target Value in V1.3 and V2.0

Set the ‘Target’ value of the lm_2DMV shader to 1 (this essentially means “make motion vectors that are compatible with RE:Vision Effects’ ReelSmart Motion Blur.”)

The La Maison page provides further documentation