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Important info concerning After Effects CC 2015 and Premiere Pro 2015

IMPORTANT NEWS concerning After Effects CC 2015 and RE:Vision Effects products

With the release of Adobe® After Effects® CC 2015 we feel it is important to keep your previous version of After Effects around because there is a bug in AE CC 2015 that affects some of our plug-ins.  (please see the articles below).  Adobe knows about the bug and has released this information. In the aforementioned article, Adobe says they are targeting a July 2015 release to fix the bug in AE CC 2015. 

It’s important to note that the AE CC 2015 installer removes AE CS6, CC and CC 2014 by default. The good news is that it’s rather easy to override this behavior. You just uncheck the box for the “Remove Old Versions” option. This option is in an advanced options area that is not expanded (twirled open) by default.

For further details, please see the After Effects team blog article Keep After Effects CC 2014 (13.2) installed

If you are using RE:Flex®, Twixtor® Pro, ReelSmart Motion Blur® Pro or RE:Match inside of your projects, take note!  You will need RE:Flex v5.2 and RE:Match v1.4.  If you use Twixtor Pro or RSMB Pro and are using splines to help tracking, then those projects using splines to guide the tracking will need Twixtor 6.2 and RSMB 5.2.  

Users also need to be aware that with CC 2015 there is a bug and no two of any of the plug-ins from RE:Flex v5.2, RE:Match v1.4, Twixtor v6.2 or RSMB v5.2 can be used on the same layer (that means you also can’t put RSMB v5.2 and Twixtor 6.2 on the same layer, not just two of the exact same plug-in).  If you need to do this, or have old projects that do this, then you will need to apply the first plug-in, pre-compose, then apply the second plug-in in a new composition.  

This also affects use of our plug-ins with some other 3rd party vendors.  If you see the error: 
After Effects error: internal verification failure, sorry! {Effect is I_MIX_GUID_DEPENDENCIES but did not call GuidMixIn in PreRender}
Then you will need to apply the two offending plug-ins in separate compositions.  

As such we recommend that if you update to AE CC 2015, that you do so knowing of these limitations.   This is a bug with After Effects and we hope they will fix it soon.  

The other plug-ins in our product offerings should work just fine in AE CC 2015 without any caveats.

All our plug-ins that are qualified to work in Premiere Pro CC 2014 and 2015 do not need special new versions.