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Potential Installation Issue with macOS 10.15 (Catalina) and over

1. With the release of macOS 10.15 Catalina, Apple requires notarization for all software distributed on the internet after june 1, 2019 (for everyone, not just RE:Vision Effects).  Notarization is a process similar to these virus check download sites, where essentially one uploads an installer to Apple website and Apple returns it tagged as notarized.

2. The licensing software we used had to change something regarding Apple certificates.  This is an issue for any of our installers on pre 10.15 (Catalina) MacOS. The solution is to download this patch installer as we won’t be able to fix all the old installers as well… – Press link to download: MacOsPatchInstaller

3. Apple also stopped supporting 32b applications in 10.15. For people still using 32b app well you cannot update your OS.  This is not an issue for our plug-ins as we have been shipping 64b plug-ins for a long time (for example, Adobe CS5 days circa 2010). However, our installers until recently (2019) have been 32b applications. Basically none of our Previous Versions installer will work in Apple MacOS 10.15 and over.

Your options are:

Option 1:   Upgrade to the current version of the product, which will provide the updated installer plus added features since the last release. Purchase here www.revisionfx/products or contact for a quote. Volume discounts are available.

Option 2:  Install on a previous OS partition. If you have 2 partitions, one with Mojave and the other with Catalina. You install the product in Mojave and it will install to:  “Mojave:/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/PlugIns/“ You then need to copy from “Mojave:/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/PlugIns/“ to “Catalina:/Library/Application Support/Adobe/Common/PlugIns/“ And copy the installed license from Mojave:/Library/Preferences/REVisionEffects/ to Catalina:/Library/Preferences/REVisionEffects/ Then all should work, just be careful about file permissions…