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Transferring your license to a new server

Please purchase the $49.95 server transfer fee here. 

Then, you will need to run the license server removal program on the OLD server (do not do this on the new server or the server won’t be able to run on the new machine!).   Download the rvlrmNodeLock program. We know this may not make sense that you are removing a node-locked piece of software, but the server itself is node-locked.

Macintosh: rvlrmNodeLock.dmg
Linux: rvlrmNodeLock.tar.gz
You run the license server removal this way:

   rvlrmNodeLock rvlserver

This will make it so the server can’t be run on that machine in the future.  Send the file the program rvlrmNodeLock creates, named nodelock.MACADDRESS.txt, to You may want to make sure the new license server works for you before decommissioning the older machine.