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Trouble shooting and tips for using Twixtor within Sony Vegas Pro

  • Twixtor does not show up in Sony Vegas Pro.
    You need version 10.0d and up, and the Vegas Pro upgrade is free for Vegas Pro 10 users.
  • I crash when I close Vegas Pro when using Twixtor, or crash when I delete and event with Twixtor.
    Update! Vegas 10.0e or later fixes this problem!
    For 10.0d: The solution is after scrubbing the timeline, wait several seconds before deleting the event with Twixtor (essentially you need to wait until Vegas finishes rendering the 8 or more frame it may be calculating in the background after you move the current time pointer). Similarly, if you scrub within the timeline or move the current time pointer, wait several seconds before exiting Vegas Pro or it may crash. We are working with Sony and hope to have this fixed in an upcoming release of Vegas Pro.
  • I already have the more general OFX version of Twixtor 5.2 (and up) that is not specific to Vegas, do I need to also purchase the Twixtor for Vegas plugin?
    If you already have the more general Twixtor for OFX version, then you don’t need a different license. The more expensive OFX version is useful for people who used other software we support such as Nuke, Autodesk Composite and Scratch. In addition our multi-host floating licensing will work with this version.
  • I’m getting black or otherwise corrupted frames, what’s up?
    Disable the “Close media files when not the active application” preference in Vegas. Menu item: Options->Preferences; Click on the General tab. make sure “Close media files when not the active application” is OFF (no checkbox). Not doing so can result in corrupted frames.