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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. announces Video Gogh, version 2.2.

RE:Vision Effects announces version 2.2 of its Video Gogh product line. Video Gogh transforms pictures and video into painted works of art. Video Gogh is different than other painterly filters on the market because Video Gogh actually tracks objects in movies for an unparalleled smooth result.

Version 2.2 has the following change from previous versions:

* Fixes a bug that causes the rendering to stop prematurely while processing a video sequence.

Video Gogh After Effects plugin is available for both Macintosh and Windows and is priced at just $89.95. A QuickTime effect plug-in is available for $29.95. A stand-alone application is available for the Macintosh only for $19.95.

Product feature information and demo versions of Video Gogh 2.2 are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,