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RE:Vision Effects, Inc. releases RE:Flex (TM), a morphing and warping plugin set, for Apple Computer’s compositing and effects solution, Shake.

RE:Flex brings intuitive morphing and warping directly to Shake! Superior results are achieved using RE:Vision Effects’ proprietary and sophisticated warping technology. RE:Flex is especially easy to learn because it uses Shake’s own drawing and roto tools to direct the warping and morphing; as such, there is no need to learn a whole new user interface.

With RE:Flex, Shake users are now able to warp and morph image sequences by intuitively animating and lining up features using Shake’s rotoshape interface. Since RE:Flex is not mesh-based, users are able to creating controlling shapes that are free form in nature and intuitive to manipulate. Furthermore, shapes that control the warping need not be closed or connected in any particular way.

Furthermore, RE:Flex makes available to Shake users the first morphing software that combines hand feature-matching with automatic image registration. After aligning the hand matched shapes, RE:Flex uses the automatic image registration found in RE:Vision’s acclaimed Twixtor product to automatically align the non-handmatched parts of the image. As such, RE:Flex is the most automated and powerful morphing program on the market.

RE:Flex consists of two plugins, RE:Flex Warp and RE:Flex Morph.

Features common to both plugins:

* Warping is directed through Shake’s built-in rotoshape geometries (splines and polylines), not through a grid of mesh points!
* Geometries need not be closed shapes
* Smooth non-polygonal warping
* Boundaries can be specified to limit the region of warping or morphing
* Interactive warping is accomplished through Shake’s interactive preview feature
* 8 and 16 bits per channel support

RE:Flex Warp Features:

* Warping is directed using sets of “from” geometries and “to” geometries at each frame. A “from” geometry is specified with Shake’s “main” shape of a rotoshape, and the “to” geometry for a warp are specified with Shake’s corresponding “edge” shape.

RE:Flex Morph Features:

* Morph takes 2 input sequences… a morph “from” input and a morph “to” input. As such, users can morph from one still picture to another, or from from one moving sequence to another.
* Morphing is directed by setting up geometries on the “from” image input and the “to” image input. The “main” shape of a rotoshape will correspond to a feature in the “from” image, and the “edge” shape of the rotoshape represents the corresponding “to” feature.
* Speed of the warp for each matching geometry can be set individually.
* Rate of dissolve can for each matching geometry can be set individually
* Automatic alignment feature that can be used in conjunction with hand-alignment for a combination of user and automatic feature correspondence

RE:Flex is available for Shake 2.51 or later, and is available for Mac OS X, Windows and Linux.

Through January 15, 2002 RE:Flex for Shake is offered at a special introductory price of $595.00, then will be regularly priced at $795.00. Render-only nodes are available for $295.00, packages of 4 render-only nodes for $795.00.

Demo software, tutorials, example movies and purchasing details are available on the RE:Vision Effects website,