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RE:Vision Effects and MacroSystem announce the availability of Twixtor for Casablanca

Twixtor, the popular video retiming solution from RE:Vision Effects, which enables users to speed up and slow down image sequences with visually stunning results will soon be available for MacroSystem Casablanca users and will be demoed by MacroSystem at IFA in Berlin, August 29 through September 3, 2008. Twixtor synthesizes new and unique frames by warping and interpolating frames of the original sequence – employing RE:Vision Effects’ technology that calculates motion for each individual pixel, and the technology that won the RE:Vision Effects’ founders an Academy Award.

Casablanca is an enormously successful professional stand-alone SD and HD editing system. Initially introduced in 1996, today more than 180,000 Casablanca units have been sold world wide. The latest Casablanca S 4000 models run under the Linux OS and offer real-time High Definition editing capabilities. Casablanca is renowned for its unparalleled ease-of-use and impressive workflow efficiency, making the product ideal for many professional and semi-professional videographers.

The pricing for Twixtor on Casablanca will soon be announced by the individual national sales and distribution organizations. Twixtor will be replacing “MotionPerfect” for Bogart SE.

RE:Vision Effects, inc. is a leading third-party vendor based in San Francisco (California) whose technology interfaces with most popular NLEs and compositing systems. RE:Vision Effects acclaimed products are widely used in major motion pictures, television and effect-oriented advertising productions. More info:

MacroSystem is manufacturer of digital video products, headquartered in Wetter (Germany), with subsidiaries in the USA (Boulder, CO), Austria, Switzerland and France. Since 1990, MacroSystem has been setting the pace for digital video editing with its Casablanca product range, the Enterprise DVC home entertainment center and other digital video products. The company operates a website under

Twixtor is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. MacroSystem Casablanca is a trademark of the MacroSystem Digital Video AG. All other trademarks, company names and products are the property of their respective holders.

More detailed information about the features, the pricing and the availability coming soon.