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RE:Vision Effects releases RE:Match for Sony Vegas Pro with automatic color matching for multiple shot and multicam shoots.

RE:Vision Effects, acclaimed effects plug-in industry leader and makers of Academy Award winning software, announces the release of RE:Match™ for Sony® Vegas ® Pro, taking intuitive color matching to a whole new level by addressing common color problems when using multiple shots and/or multiple cameras.

RE:Match does its work automatically and matches as best it can one sequence’s overall color appearance to match that of another. For multicam shoots, or single camera shoots consisting of multiple shots with different lighting or camera settings, RE:Match assumes that both image sequences are taken roughly at the same location but perhaps were not shot at the same time or from the same point-of-view. Furthermore, RE:Match for Vegas Pro supports many more features, settings and options than those available with Vegas Pro’s built-in Color Match.

Let RE:Match simplify your color grading tasks! Use it by itself, or use it to get shots more consistent before applying more creative color correction. RE:Match is very powerful and easy to use; however setup of the plug-in requires some easy-to-follow steps, so it is worth watching our tutorial found here:

Features of RE:Match:

* Ability to globally color correct one sequence to match another.
* Ability to set a color correction using a particular point in time of the sequence to match. Up to four still images can be selected and used to control the color correction over time. If you intercut between two or more shots that don’t quite match, then you can animate which still frame you are color matching to, and even have the changes vary over time smoothly.
* Ability to globally color correct individually for each pair of frames in both sequences. This is good for synched multi-cam or stereo shoots.
* Ability to store a color correction between two images and use that correction for all frames of a sequence.
* Ability to dissolve between two different color corrections over a period of time.
* Ability to perform automatic global (whole image) color correction based on a smaller window of pixels for each of the image sequences.
* Works well with over bright values and very wide dynamic ranges.
* Pixels with zero alpha will be ignored from comparison statistics which is useful when keying a shot before the use of RE:Match.
* Special adjustment controls are available to better adapt to oversaturated highlights, different gamma and color profile spaces.

Availability and compatibility:
* Vegas Pro v10e or later, 64-bit only.

* RE:Match for Vegas Pro is priced at $89.95.
* Volume discounts available. Contact
* Purchase here.

* Demo version download:

About RE:Vision Effects
RE:Vision Effects is software development company focused on providing innovative software to create, modify, control, and enhance digital video imagery at the highest quality. Their products have a broad range of applications and are currently used in every phase of television, motion picture, internet and visual effects industries. The company supplies its cutting edge software through partnerships and direct sales for a large segment of customers ranging from at-home editors, wedding and other live event videographers, industrial video providers to those creating high-end effects for commercials, broadcast TV and big-budget films. The founders received a 2006 Academy Award for Technical Achievement for the design and development of this affordable, user-friendly RE:Vision family of software products.

RE:Vision Effects plug-ins are available for Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe After Effects, Eyeon Fusion, Apple Final Cut Pro, Apple Final Cut Express, The Foundry’s Nuke, Adobe Premiere Pro, Autodesk 3ds Max/Maya Composite, Avid editing systems, Autodesk Systems (Sparks), Autodesk SoftImage, Apple Shake, Quantel genQ and others.

Demo material, examples and software are available at

RE:Match is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. All other trademarks, company names and products are the property of their respective holders. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.