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Reduces noise using novel feature-sensitive spatial filtering along with time-based optical flow methods!

DE:Noise Features

Reduces Noise

DE:Noise handles spurious frame-to-frame defects ranging from fine digital/electronic noise to blotchy spots like dirt on film.


Addresses problems of low-light shoots, excessive film grain, CG renders with ray-tracing sampling artifacts, film scan artifacts, snow, drop-outs and can even handle a flash frame here and there.

Preserves Detail

Unlike many other products, DE:Noise uses smart spatial and temporal filtering to reduce noise while preserving details.

Feature Specs

Spatial and temporal denoising

Smart spatial filtering controls that allow for the spatial smoothing of noise without smoothing over important features in the image sequence.

All-in-one tool

8 different temporal filtering methods that use optical flow motion estimation to correlate images over time in order to reduce noise and other artifacts.

Post process controls

Post-processing to help punch up the result, or to undo the preprocessing contrast enhancement.

Post sharpening option for when the denoising process makes the result softer than desired.

GPU accelerated

This product is GPU accelerated. Read more.

Learn how to use DE:Noise’s features

Instructional videos, and example videos, that help you learn how to get the most of each plug-in's robust features.


Try DE:Noise for Free

DE:Noise V3 – OFX Hosts

DE:Noise 3.6.6 for Catalyst Edit | Last Updated August 7, 2023 Release Notes
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What You Get

A full version of the plug-in. Images will be watermarked if you have not purchased a license and registration key.

Purchase a license

GPU Support

Installed plug-in will work with Autograph Autograph (all versions), Baselight 5.2.11675 (and up), Catalyst Edit 2015.1.0.104 (and up), Diamant and Dustbuster+ 12.0 (and up), Flame 2019.2 (and up), Fusion Studio 5.2 (and up), Grass Valley Rio 4.5.9 (and up), HitFilm (and up), Natron 1 (and up), Nucoda 2014 (and up), Nuke 5.1 or Indie 12.2 (and up), Resolve 11 (and up), Scratch 5.1 (and up), Silhouette 6.1.3 (and up), and Vegas Pro 64-bit only, v11 (and up).


System Requirements

The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of Catalyst Edit that you are using.

DE:Noise V3 – OFX Hosts


When you download a DE:Noise or purchase a DE:Noise license for Catalyst Edit it is compatible with the following:


Autograph (all versions)


5.2.11675 (and up)

Catalyst Edit

2015.1.0.104 (and up)

Diamant and Dustbuster+

12.0 (and up)


2019.2 (and up)

Fusion Studio

5.2 (and up)

Grass Valley Rio

4.5.9 (and up)

HitFilm (and up)


1 (and up)


2014 (and up)


5.1 or Indie 12.2 (and up)


11 (and up)


5.1 (and up)


6.1.3 (and up)

Vegas Pro

64-bit only, v11 (and up)


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