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Lens conversions, projections and stabilization for 360 VR and fisheye footage.

RE:Lens Features

Single camera 360 video made easy

Shoot with a single camera with a superfish lens and convert the video to LatLong format suitable for use with 360 VR viewers. With the proper lens and camera setup, stitching can often be eliminated from your 360 workflow.

360 VR and fisheye stabilization

RE:Lens' spherical stabilizer reduces shakiness in 360 VR and fisheye footage that regular stabilizers are unable to fix. Simply press "Track" and the footage is analyzed without the need for a complicated workflow.

More uses for superfish high-res imagery

Capture super wide-angle shots with large resolution, then straighten and animate camera rotations and zooms in post, providing greater flexibility when directing the viewer’s attention. Even create two separate virtual views using a single camera!

Feature Specs

Straighten video

Capture with your fisheye or super fisheye lens and then convert to normal "rectilinear" projection for output, eliminating the need to watch curved images.

360 (LatLong) to 2D conversion

Convert your 360 panoramic VR video to normal 2D, with options to edit and animate your point of view within the LatLong video.

Super fisheye to 360 VR

Convert super fisheye to a 360 panoramic VR video in a single step without the need for stitching software.

Stabilization is easy to use!

Simply press "Track" and the footage is analyzed without the need for a complicated workflow. Works directly on your 360 VR and fisheye footage with no need for projection onto cube faces, or managing tracking points manually.

Spherical stabilization

RE:Lens tracks and stabilizes global camera orientations, which is needed when working with 360 VR and fisheye video. Track once and optionally modify the stabilization profile to your liking.

Motion graphics, titles, CG

Paint or add motion graphics, titles, 3D material to your LatLong, fisheye and other non-rectilinear material easily: Convert to normal 2D, add motion graphics or 3D animation, then project back to your source format.

Immersive videos

Create ultra-wide aspect ratio videos from fisheye and wide-angle field-of-view lenses, maintaining a larger undistorted FOV than you can with any normal range lens.

Perspective correction

Proper perspective correction controls for wide-angle and fisheye.

Pincushion and barrel distortions

Handles normal pincushion and barrel corrections for super wide-angle zoom lenses

Straighten super-wide video with fewer artifacts

Option to reduce over-stretched corners when generating super wide field-of-view outputs.

High resolution panoramas

Use super high-res 360 stock panoramas, or capture your own, and animate a virtual camera move within them.

Chromatic fringing reduced

Attenuates chromatic distortions and fringing that can occur with curved lenses.

Mirror-based systems handled

Dedicated support for exotic mirror-based systems such as parabolic lens-mirrors and mirror balls.

High quality filtering

Option to automatically soften or sharpen in the appropriate places.

Projection formats

RE:Lens handles rectilinear, latitude longitude (equirectangular 360 panoramic VR), fisheye, super fisheye, super wide-angle zoom, mirror ball and parabolic lens-mirror projection formats.

GPU accelerated

This product is GPU accelerated. Read more.

Learn how to use RE:Lens’s features

Instructional videos, and example videos, that help you learn how to get the most of each plug-in's robust features.


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RE:Lens v1 – OFX Hosts

RE:Lens 1.6 for Nuke | Last Updated December 3, 2018 Release Notes
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What You Get

A full version of the plug-in. Images will be watermarked if you have not purchased a license and registration key.

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GPU Support

Installed plug-in will work with Fusion Studio 8.0 (and up), Natron 2.2.4 (and up), Nuke 7.0 (and up), Scratch 8.6.944 (and up), and Silhouette 6.1.3 (and up).


System Requirements

The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of Nuke that you are using.

RE:Lens v1 – OFX Hosts


When you download a RE:Lens or purchase a RE:Lens license for Nuke it is compatible with the following:

Fusion Studio

8.0 (and up)


2.2.4 (and up)


7.0 (and up)


8.6.944 (and up)


6.1.3 (and up)

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License for Nuke

License works with After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Fusion Studio, Motion, Natron, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Scratch, and Silhouette.

We offer several types of licensing options for both our interactive and render-only plug-ins: floating license, non-floating license, and volume license (read the licensing overview for more information). If you are interested in volume licensing or have other questions about these license options, please contact us. All floating licenses require installing our floating license server.

Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

Interactive license options

Floating Licenses

RE:Lens v1
Floating License
RE:Lens v1
Floating License
Upgrade from non-floating v1 to floating $95.00 Add to Cart

Non-Floating Licenses

RE:Lens v1 PURCHASE LICENSE $189.95 Add to Cart

Render-only license options

Render-only licensing is for use with command-line "headless" execution. Note that the RE:Lens render-only licenses only work on projects written with an interactive license (so you must have at least one standard, floating or Non-Floating interactive license for the render-only licenses to be valid).

Floating Licenses

RE:Lens v1 / Render-Only
Floating License
RE:Lens v1 / Render-Only
Floating License
Upgrade from non-floating v1 to floating $19.00 Add to Cart

Non-Floating Licenses

RE:Lens v1 / Render-Only PURCHASE NON-FLOATING LICENSE $37.99 Add to Cart