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Enhance the quality (“IQ”) of your content, increase the resolution of your video without loss of detail or introducing artifacts.

REZup Features

Enhance sharpness, contrast and details

Improve your image "IQ". Reveal details you did not even know were there.

Upscale with the state of the art A.I.

Better than standard resizing filters like Lanczos or cubic.

Resize or Enhance

Resolution enhancement (same dimension in and out) or upscaling (downscaling too).

Feature Specs

Not limited by integer scale

Fractional resizing factor support (digital zoom).

Alpha Weighted

Takes into account the alpha value when performing enhancement. Works as expected on semi-transparent values.

Extended Dynamic Range

Supports arbitrary image ranges -- that is pixel values under 0 and over 1.0 (white).

Source Cropping

Supports a source window to frame your resizing.

Adaptive UI

UI guides as you make changes, starting safe and simple. Supports various algorithms to handle a variety of edge cases and of source footage.

Tweak to your liking

Separate controls for sharpness and contrast, noise reduction - not a black box. Make it look just right.

Machine Learning Models

Trained on 2X, 3X and 4X. Larger scaling factors might require pre-processing (e.g. denoising)

Functionality vary per Host*

Method to change output resolution of video vary between each app: Workarounds

Any Resolution

Great way to upscale your HD video to UHD (4K)


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REZup V1 – OpenFX hosts

REZup 1.1.2 for Natron | Last Updated May 17, 2024 Release Notes
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What You Get

A full version of the plug-in. Images will be watermarked if you have not purchased a license and registration key.

Purchase a license

GPU Support

Installed plug-in will work with Autograph Autograph (all versions), Baselight 5.2.11675 (and up), Catalyst Edit 2017.2 (and up), Diamant and Dustbuster+ 13.0 (and up), Flame 2019.2 (and up), HitFilm 10.0 (and up), Natron 1 (all versions), Resolve 15.0 (and up), Scratch 8.6.944 (and up), Silhouette 6.1.3 (and up), and Vegas Pro 64-bit only, v10.0e (and up).


System Requirements

The same OS and hardware requirements for the version of Natron that you are using.

REZup V1 – OpenFX hosts


When you download a REZup or purchase a REZup license for Natron it is compatible with the following:


Autograph (all versions)


5.2.11675 (and up)

Catalyst Edit

2017.2 (and up)

Diamant and Dustbuster+

13.0 (and up)


2019.2 (and up)


10.0 (and up)


1 (all versions)


15.0 (and up)


8.6.944 (and up)


6.1.3 (and up)

Vegas Pro

64-bit only, v10.0e (and up)


Our Effections bundles package the power of multiple plug-ins together for a great price. A great option if you think you’ll buy more than one of our products.

Purchase REZup

License for Natron

License works with After Effects, Autograph, Baselight, Catalyst Edit, Diamant and Dustbuster+, Final Cut Pro, Flame, Fusion Studio, HitFilm, Motion, Natron, Nucoda, Nuke, Premiere Pro, Resolve, Scratch, Silhouette, and Vegas Pro.

Additional License Options

We offer several types of licensing options for both our interactive and render-only plug-ins: floating license, non-floating license, and volume license (read the licensing overview for more information). If you are interested in volume licensing or have other questions about these license options, please contact us. All floating licenses require installing our floating license server.

Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.

Interactive license options

Floating Licenses

REZup V1
Floating License
REZup V1
Floating License
Upgrade upgrade non-floating v1 to floating
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