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RE:Vision Effects releases Shade/Shape 3.0.

RE:Vision Effects announces the release of Shade/Shape 3.0, the acclaimed product that automatically turns your 2D artwork into 3D rendered imagery!

New to Shade/Shape 3.0:

* Adds support for unclamped floating point processing in After Effects 7.0 and up.
* More aggressive multi-threading for faster rendering.
* Shade/Shape adds support for applying bump mapping after reflection mapping. In After Effects 7.0 and up, bump mapping can be applied using the current image with effects pre-applied over it in the same layer.
* Shade/Shape allows ambient and diffuse intensities to go below 0 for special effects (e.g.: shadow pass).
* Shade/Normals changes the behavior of -1 to 1 normals mapping in Shade From Normals for better handling of CG generated surface normals (this affects diffuse channel and reflection mapping), this combined with the light Z-direction now ranging from -1 to 1 allows a complete light rotation around the object.
* Shade/Normals adds edge detection support to produce better anti-aliasing for inner shapes boundaries.
* Combustion and FCP will encounter problems loading old projects. FCP and combustion users will need to apply new instances of Shade/Shape to get the new features.

Availability and pricing:

* Shade/Shape 3.0 is priced at $89.95. Upgrades from either version 1 or 2 are priced at $29.97. Render-only upgrades are free.
* Render-only licenses are priced at $17.99. Render only licenses are for use with After Effects’ and combustion’s render-only programs (aerender and backburner, respectively) and the render-only version of Fusion. Note that the render-only licenses only work on projects written with a full license (so you must have at least one full license for the render-only licenses to be valid).
* Users who purchased Shade/Shape after May 1, 2007 can upgrade for free (this includes the bundles that include Shade/Shape, such as our Effections packages).
* Volume discounts available. Contact
* Compatible with Adobe’s After Effects 5.0 and later, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.0 or later, Apple’s Final Cut Pro 4.0 or later, Autodesk's combustion 2.1 or later, eyeon's Fusion 4.04e or later, 5.02 or later, and Quantel's generationQ product line. See website for exact compatibility requirements.

Come see Shade/Shape 3.0 and the rest of RE:Vision Effects product line at SIGGRAPH, booth 321, August 7 through 9, 2007 in San Diego. For more information visit the SIGGRAPH website.

Demo material, examples and software are available at .

Shade/Shape is a trademark of RE:Vision Effects, Inc. Other trademarks are owned by their respective owners. Features, pricing and availability are subject to change without notice.